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Rain Stops Play

Just a placeholder to say that my treatment and reaction to it this autumn has prevented me from writing for a while now.  My recovery will take a few more weeks unfortunately, but when I am able to write again I have plenty to write about!  Many thanks for your patience.

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  • Linda Surridge

    We all have our tales to tell. I was struck by your story in Saturday Daily Mail about when it is right to disclose to partners. My husband is type one dibetic (truth is stranger than fiction), injecting twice a day and told me on the first date. Well it would have been rather obvious if he hadn’t but it made it so much easier for me when I got my diagnosis, we went through it together. Now he helps me inject in awkward and inaccesable parts and the fatter the better! If you are interested I will expand in the future, as I said we all have our tales to tell.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Carole

    Get well soon! I follow your blogs regularly and am always interested in how you are doing.
    For me, MS seems to be 1 step forwards and 2 steps backwards!! Yet it has brought me many unexpected gifts along the way, and I hope it has for you too. When things are tough for me, I try to remember to wear the world like a light garment, and not to take life too seriously!!
    All is well, and all shall be well

  • Jemjem

    Hang on in there and consider the great things yet to come. They will.
    All the vey best.

  • Louisemca

    Hope you feel better soon. One of the better feelings in this weird MS journey we’ve been forced to take, for me, is the noticing of any improvement. The up after the down – it literally puts a spring in my step… Come back soon, I miss your blogs!

  • Martin Craig

    Cathy, I hope you get through this easily and painlessly. As for one step forwards, two steps backwards, try to focus on the forward motion, it’s much mmore rewarding. I remember coming out of my first humdinger, when I was unable to co-ordinate digits. I punched the air with glee on the day I carried 2 pints back from the bar – unfortunately, I had to pay for them too.

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